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Introduction to Homeschooling 
Complete K-5 Course

Hello from Melanie, Your Homeschool Helper!

“You CAN do this, and I can help!”

Easy, online homeschool instruction training from the comfort of your own home! All lesson modules and downloads are available as soon as you purchase. Watch the lessons on your own time as many times as you’d like and refer back to them whenever you need to.


  • ​Ready to take charge of your child’s education from the safety of your own home?
  • Ready for a deeper knowledge of how to homeschool?​
  • Ready to help your child grow into the person they were meant to become?​
  • Ready to help them achieve their unlimited potential?​
  • Ready for support from a mom and teacher who’s already been there?​
Hi there! My name is Melanie Bergner, creator of Your Homeschool Helper.  I’m also a parent like you.  I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, minor in Reading Instruction, and a Kindergarten endorsement.  Although I am a teacher by trade, it is my desire to show parents that they have the ability to homeschool their children and give them the best education possible without a 4-year degree!  I’ve been working for more than 30 years through a combination of college, student teaching, subbing, public school teaching, mothering, and teaching in our own homeschool, and I have so much to share.  I have gathered everything I can into this course to instruct others quickly and straightforwardly so they can get to the business of teaching their own child!

Over the past 20 years of raising kids, I have successfully learned how to
   • Homeschool multiple-aged children
   • Juggle teaching with babies    
     and toddlers
   • Find a way to clean the house,        
     make the meals, and do laundry
   • Make it to those doctor and      
     dentist appointments
All while finding time to homeschool our children.

I’d love the chance to help you do the same!

My husband David and I have been married for 23 years and we have 5 children. We enjoy baking, hiking, working out, and spending time together as a family. Homeschooling has been a natural extension of who we are as parents
   • Being present in their lives
   • Overseeing their education
   • Building on their strengths
   • Working on their challenges

I believe our family is BETTER because of homeschooling.                     

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Easily accessible

Our Introduction to Homeschool Complete K-5 Course is 100% online and self-paced, which allows you to start and stop at any time and as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.
The course can be taken on any device that has access to the Internet
  •  Desktop computers
  •  Laptops
  •  Tablets
  • ​ Smart phones

What’s inside the Introduction to Homeschool 
Complete K-5 Course?


  •  This online course will equip parents with the knowledge and ability to teach their children at home
  • Parents will learn how to choose subjects and curriculum for their children in Kindergarten through 5th grade
  • ​The course contains 11 modules in which you will learn the primary subjects to teach
  • ​Don’t know how to teach your child to read? No worries! Modules 2 & 3 walk you through the steps you’ll need to teach your child how to read complete with suggested books to use
  • There are 8 BONUS modules which include topics such as:
  • ​     Goals for Your Homeschool
  • ​     State Homeschool Laws
  • ​     Socialization
  • ​     Lesson Planning and MORE!

That’s 19 modules in all with over 14 hours of content for parental instruction!


         Unlimited access for the lifetime of the course  Your Homeschool Helper’s Introduction to Homeschool Complete K-5 Course
     * 1 Introduction to Homeschool module
     * 10 Subject specific modules
     * 8 Bonus modules
     * Plus, Bonus printable PDFs
• Over 14 hours of voice-over slide shows
• 12-month email support for your questions, concerns, or needed advice from course creator, Melanie Bergner
• Access to the private Facebook group exclusively for Your Homeschool Helper members
     * Weekly Q&A
     * Engage with likeminded parents
     * Ask questions for support

Speak with creator, Melanie Bergner, and see how this program can give you homeschool success!

Invest in this course and receive even more for FREE!

 A massive book list with over 600 titles! Including
- Picture books
- Easy readers
- Short chapter books
- Long chapter books
- Ancient, Fantasy, and Fairy Tales
 **These books are classic, wholesome, quality literature that have been written for elementary aged children and enjoyed by generations!


• Including Comprehension Questions to print out and use while reading with your child for both fiction and nonfiction books. Plus, other questions to engage your child and get them interested before, during, and after their reading lessons

• Ideas for book report alternatives

• Math charts you can print out to help with counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

• Complete Art and Homeschool supply lists that contain everything you might ever need!

• Sight words lists for each grade level (Pre K – 3rd grade)

• Word family lists for help in teaching beginning readers

Take a look inside each module!


Module 1 – Introduction to Homeschooling

- The pros and cons to homeschooling
- Types of homeschools
- Styles of homeschools
- Parental qualifications
- Common homeschool fears addressed
     • “What if I don’t know enough to teach my child?”
     • “What if I have trouble with a subject myself?”
     • “How can I teach my school-age children with younger ones at home too?”
     • “How can I do it ALL?”
- Overview of choosing curriculum – find more on this topic in Bonus 
     Module 6: “Curriculum”
- How to know if your child is ready to homeschool
- State law overview and how to remove your child from a state school
      (more complete information in Bonus Module 1: “Homeschool Laws”)

Module 2 – Reading: The Beginning Stages

- Different types of books for beginning readers
- Explanation of different methods to teach reading and how to do it
     • Phonics
     • Whole Language
     • Combination - Literacy Approach
- Detailed instruction on how to teach your child to read

Module 3 – Beginning Reading Instruction Grades K-2

- Phonemic Awareness and how to teach it
- Teaching letters, their sounds, and how to sound out words
- Introduction to Word Families
- How to use easy level books to teach your beginning reader
- Using Echo Reading, Choral Reading, and Read-Aloud techniques

Module 4 – Reading/Literature Grades 3-5

- Expectations for readers in grade 3-5
- Discussion of skills and complex reading strategies, comparison and contrasting of the literature, discovering the main idea
- Charting similarities and differences on Box and T Charts and Venn Diagrams
- Introduction to 9 types of literature
- Goals of comprehension: understanding, connecting, relating, predicting, inferencing, identifying the main idea, and summarizing
- Creating your own reading curriculum
     • Choosing Classic Literature and how to incorporate it into your 
     Reading Program
- Checking your child’s comprehension
- Benefits of Reading Aloud with your child

Module 5 – Handwriting Instruction

- Correct line formation
- Letter formation
- Handwriting copywork instruction and ideas
- Creating ABC books and using journals
- Parent-modeled writing explained
- Invented spelling – what it is and why it is used
- Cursive handwriting instruction and when to introduce it

Module 6 – Math

- Know what to teach for each grade level
- Includes suggested activities to teach major math concepts for grades K-5
- The use of math manipulatives
- 7 tips for teaching math in grades K-2
- Teaching grades K-5 with Saxon Math
     • Supplies/ curriculum needed
     • Lesson set up
     • Skills covered in each level
- How to skip count and why it’s beneficial
- PDF of skip counting cards to print out and use
- The “Spiral Teaching Approach” explained

Module 7 – Spelling

- Guidelines for spelling instruction
- What your child should be able to do before beginning a spelling program
- Activities for spelling practice such as
     • Scrambled Spelling
     • Visual Memorization
     • Trace, Copy, Recall
- Curriculum suggestion and lesson set-up

Module 8 – Science and History

- Why teach science to little ones?
- How to teach science at the elementary school level
- Suggested topics to explore
- Using science encyclopedias to teach those topics
- Incorporating narrative nonfiction books into your lesson
- How to teach without a typical textbook
- The difference between history and social studies
- Teaching using history encyclopedias, historical fiction, biographies, and videos
- Book series suggestions for history study
- Defining social studies and what it covers
- Suggestions for teaching about family, holidays and traditions,    
     neighborhood and community, geography, and more!

Module 9 – Art and Music

- Why you should include art and music in grades K-5
- The benefits of art and music in your homeschool
- Process Art vs. Product Art
- Art lesson ideas
- Printable pdf with huge art supply list
- Ways to include music in your homeschool
- Songs and movement
- Develop music appreciation in your child

Module 10 – Physical Education and Fine Motor Instruction

- The benefits of physical education (gym class) in your day
- Homeschool p.e. ideas
     • Around the house or backyard
     • Out and about in your community
     • Group activities
- Fine motor skills
     • What they are and why they are important
     • Ways to improve them
- Benefits of developing fine motor muscles
- 35+ fine motor activities explained to help strengthen those muscles

Module 11 – Grammar

- Reasons for teaching grammar
- 2 suggested curriculums for use with elementary-aged kids
- Explanations and examples of how your child will use:
     • Copywork
     • Narration
     • Picture Study
     • Dictation
     • Memorization
- Goals for grammar instruction in elementary grades
- Suggestions on planning and pacing lessons

Wait!  There's More!  We've included additional modules to help explain other concepts you will want to understand that can help create your homeschool days.


Bonus Module 1: Homeschool Laws

- Homeschooling is legal in ALL 50 states
- Learn the 4 different levels of regulation and which one your state is in
- Become aware of general regulations within each tier
- Learn about websites that can assist you in discovering the laws specific to your state
- Determine if your state has a minimum number of hours or days per year that your homeschooling should take place

Bonus Module 2: Goals

- The types of goals you should include
- How to achieve those goals
- Evaluating your child’s progress
- Learn how to develop a vision for your homeschool
- See how long term and yearly goals will help you create a plan to accomplish daily goals- I’ll show you how to set homeschool goals you will actually accomplish
- Set family goals
- Plan yearly goals for your child using their strengths and weaknesses
- Understand “actionable goals” and how to achieve them

Bonus Module 3: Daily Flow

- Daily flow allows for creating order to the day
- The fundamentals for getting organized
- Things to consider in order to create your daily flow
- Tips for homeschoolers with babies and toddlers
- 12 Strategies to implement to help create a smoother day
- How to lessen your load and find ways for your children to help with chores
- Train your young child, even toddlers, to occupy himself quietly for 10-20 minutes
- Discover some self-care ideas for homeshooling moms

Bonus Module 4: Organization

- Where to do school at your home
- Organizing and storing curriculum and all those books and supplies
- Ideas to help your child to be organized
- What to do with all that finished school work?
- Creating a portfolio
- Organizing mom’s things
-Meal planning = scheduling and food prepping

Bonus Module 5: Scheduling

- Calculate a yearly plan
- Guidelines for 7 different types of yearly school schedules
- Determine how many weeks of school and vacation/breaks needed to make your school year
- Planning your days
       *Flexible routines vs. Hourly schedules
       *Examples of the different types of schedules and how to create your own

Bonus Module 6: Curriculum

- Selecting subjects to teach this year
- Decide what subjects to teach at each grade level
- Learn about skill-based and content-based subjects and what they cover
- Discover how to choose the right curriculum for each subject for your family’s needs
- View a collection of homeschool curriculum publishers
- Textbook learning vs. real books and other resources
- What to do if your curriculum is not working
- Understand the 75% completion rule and how to implement it

Bonus Module 7: Lesson Planning

- How to plan for the year
   *School days
   *Using State Guidelines to determine the number of days
- Ideas for what to do with off days
- Lesson planning
   *Exploring the scope and sequence of curriculum
   *Planning out the first 4-6 weeks
   *Extras to include in your lesson plans
- What to do when life happens and school doesn’t

Bonus Module 8: Socialization

- What is socialization really?
- Goals for homeschooling parents to incorporate socialization
- The difference in socialization between traditionally-schooled children and homeschooled children
- Finding homeschool groups to connect with
- Get-together ideas
- Suggestions for homeschool classes and clubs
- Assistance from your local community
- Socialization through volunteering
- Is your child an introvert or extrovert?
- Answering the question, “What about socialization?”
- Famous homeschoolers list

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Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone who is interested in homeschooling their elementary school age child, no matter if you have a college degree or not!
How long will I have access to the content of the course?
You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as  Introduction to Homeschool, Complete K-5 Course is up and running.
What exactly do I get?
 * 1 Introduction to Homeschool module
     * 10 Subject specific modules
     * 8 Bonus modules
     * Plus, Bonus printable PDFs
• Over 14 hours of voice-over slide shows
• 12-month email support for your questions, concerns, or needed advice from course creator, Melanie Bergner
• Access to the private Facebook group exclusively for Your Homeschool Helper members
     * Weekly Q&A
     * Engage with likeminded parents
     * Ask questions for support
Are the classes live?
No, the videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them on your own time, over and over if needed.
How much time will I need to invest in watching the course?
The video recorded slide shows are a total of over 14 hours.  However, each module runs between 25-60 minutes long.  You can pause in the middle of a module and finish up at a later time if you would like.  And since you have unlimited access to the modules you may review them if you need clarification on any topic.
What is the refund policy?
Since your purchase is a digital product, it is deemed "used" after download or opening, and all purchases made on are non-refundable or exchangeable. Because the products made available here are intangible, there is a strict NO REFUND POLICY.